Back Office Processes, Reimagined

Back Office Tools helps human resources and finance professionals.  It moves paper, email, and spreadsheet-based processes to efficient and repeatable digital management.

Super fast time to value.

Create your first SaaS metrics dashboard in 15 minutes.  Initiate job approvals in minutes without using the dreaded Reply All.

What SaaS metrics can I track?

It’s easy to publish and benchmark your SaaS metrics and performance.  Share your dashboards with key stakeholders via a private URL.  No login required.  Create your own benchmarks or use our exclusive SaaS benchmarks dataset.

New Bookings

Expansion Bookings


New Logos


Gross Logo Retention

Gross Dollar Retention

Net Dollar Retention

Net Promoter Score

Overall Gross Margin

PS Margin

PS Mix

Rule of 40

Sales/Marketing as % of Rev


LTV to CAC Ratio

CAC Payback

Cost of ARR

Magic Number

Why BackOfficeTools?

“Can’t I just keep using spreadsheets, email, and existing dashboards?”  Yes, you can but you will never create efficiency and transparency.  Let’s stop overlooking the back office.

Time to Value

Our app requires minimal training. Begin using the same day.


Don’t clog your inboxes with Reply All. Job approvers are notified when it’s their turn.


We populate the metrics dashboard with the latest benchmark data.

Purpose Built

Our app was built by a CFO who understands HR and finance operations.